Coral & Blue

June 8, 2015

Brigantine, NJ


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Cheers to warm weather, Picnics,Vintage swag, and Mr. Yeats.

Thank you to MyMy ,  Patty Rittenhouse DeCasere for outstanding hair, Ashley Rittenhouse for stunning makeup, and our amazing model Genevieve!



Thank you to the Rock Star team of professionals who helped out on this shoot!

April at ALH Designs

Tina at Make Me Glam

Maureen at MY MY

Erica at Salon Industry



Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with a talented team of Wedding professionals.  They took my vision and gave it life. Thank you to Tina, April, Erica, Maureen, Karen and Danielle.

Meet the team:

Tina from Make Me Glam for the make up

April from alh designs for the wonderful invitation suite

Erica from Salon Industry for stepping in last minute and creating fabulous hair

Maureen from MY MY for supplying the clothing and many accessories

Karen from M&H Custom Framing and Gallery for the Jewelry

Danielle for being our Muse; thank you!

And lastly a huge Thank You to Joy from Country Creek Winery for allowing us to take over the Farm!!