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November 26, 2014

Lambertville, NJ


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Here’s to a hot and steamy evening on the beach!  Looking forward to a Winter wedding!

Philadelphia wedding photographer beachSunset Sea Isle Engagment session


Looking forward to 8.18.12 to watch these two become one.




What are those moments between the moments? Well they are the details that make the larger moments so perfect.  The perfectly cut stems on the bride’s bouquet that is rarely ever noticed but without them you would not get that moment of WOW what great flowers! It’s the refreshing sip of lemonade that is available to every guest at the perfectly planned reception.  It’s the doorknob you will turn to enter the house to enter the room where the Bride is getting ready.  It’s the whimsical yet so tiny rod iron chair with chipped paint that you will sit in and take in the ambiance of the venue.  It’s the perfectly placed center piece and the sun kissed Wedding cake that will bear witness to the newlyweds first dance.  It’s the little girl who looks on as the pearls are placed around the bride’s neck and the little boy who watches  all the pre wedding chaos unfold.  It’s the perfectly positioned flower on the Grooms perfectly pressed suit that will escort him to the alter.  It’s the Bride walking up to greet the Groom for the first time in her gown.  It’s the moment they see each other and take each others hand.  Its the Mom and Dad you convince to run across the lawn with their two small children moments before the ceremony begins.  Its the moment when the flower girl decides to take off running down the aisle as if it was an Olympic sport.  The Moment the bride See’s the Groom and the Groom sees the Bride. It’s when the ring is placed on his finger.  It’s when they enter the room as Mr. and Mrs.  It’s an unplanned laugh during their first dance.  Its that kiss the groom plants on the brides cheek.  So the next time you are at a wedding, picnic, or just family dinner take the time to really enjoy the moments between the moments.  Congrats to Patti and Paul!


As this Mother’s day weekend approaches we are reminded of childhood memories.  The arrival of this weekend also reminds us how close the summer season is!  Summertime is spent surrounded by family.  Memories are created on family vacations, at backyard picnics, on baseball fields and sometimes the best memories are created in those quiet moments at home.  However your memories are created remember to take enjoyment in the everyday moment’s spent with your Mom and Dad.  Tis’ the season to Family time and celebrating Mom’s and Dad’s everywhere!


Spring is traditionally about New Life, Well this year is no different!  Spring 2012 is full of Babies, Babies, and more Babies!!  So this is a fun little post all about what my newborn setup involves.  You will see it does not take up a lot of space so it will fit comfortably in your home.  All I need is great sunlight and a sleepy baby. As we move into warmer months you may be wondering why I show a space heater…well as we all know newborns like it warm! and by warm I mean Hot.  That space heater keeps your little one nice and toasty.  I will also bring along some soothing music and various props.  If your Baby is due to arrive this Spring or Summer lets chat!

So Baby Buck will be arriving this spring and everyone is anxiously awaiting the big gender announcement!  We had a great time chatting, looking at baby stuff, and of course taking pictures.  Check back for the newborn session!